Jul 22, 2015

Gold-Crude-Lead All Dancing on Our Tunes



On May 26th We Boldly Said Forget Every Just Belive Chart !
Click Abv Link And See this Magical Move


May 26, 2015

Gold Next Move ???

As Per comex Chart Its Pretty Clear Need Weekly close abv 1300 for furious run towards 1430--1450$

But Till We CLose ABv 1300 We Hold Our Bearish View And Expect Gold to test 1080---1030 $ in coming Months !

Mcx Gold Needs A Weekly Close Abv 28000 Mark For Next BULL Power and Will Head towards 31000 ----

Recent High  Arnd 27600 Was Best Selling Opportunity For Target 24800

TIll We CLose below 28000 Bears Will Enjoji Party !!
More Sever Pain Will Be Seen If We Get Weekly CLose Below 24800 One Way We Can Drift towards 22000 Mark !! 

funda Is Simple TRade With Levels and Stoploss !!!

The views expressed are based solely on information available publicly and believed to be true. Investors are advised to independently evaluate the market conditions/risks involved before making any investment decision...

Apr 10, 2015

Mcx Lead

 Below Levels For The Year 2015 --------


Magical Level 124.20

Levels For  Bulls
 Above.................124.20 Mark, favours Bulls Only, and Above, that Level,  MCX CRUDE , may try to hit 133.80 and than, 149.50 in 2015 TRADING Session..........
REAL Fireworks Abv 149.50 Will Take upto 159 !

Levels For Bears !

Below 124.20 Mark WIll Favour Bears and Below this Level Will Slide Upto
108.30 and Then 98.80
Real Pain Will Be Seen  Below 98.80  till 83