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Jul 13, 2014

Crude Updated Minting Money From Both Sides..


We r No 1 in Commodity Market and Will Remain No #1 Alwz

Chk Abv Link On Jun 12th We were Bullish in Crude Gave Blasting Result !!

Still Expected More Blast but Our Revised Stoploss hit..Not Worry First Made BIG Money With Bulls !

Now Chk Our Bear Targets !!

Again We R Seller From 6240 to 6091

Everything is Live no Words !

We Never Say be on Bull Side Or Bear Side As u We Alwz Say be on Winning Side And Thats Rashi COmmodity !

Due to Some Technical Problem We Have Changed Or Yahoo ID

Any Queries Can Mail Us to

Jun 12, 2014

Crudeoil Update !

Chk Abv Chart !

Blue Line Indicates Triangel Formation !

Red Line Is Trendline Support !

Pink Line Top 105.20$ 

Yes Cross Abv 105.20 or Close Abv this Level Will See 108.8-----112.40$

 Mcx Level Updated to premium Subscribers !

Technically Urs RASHI !!

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May 17, 2014

Nifty From 5525 to 7625----Did Anyone Expect We Did it Just Chk It !

March 4th 2013 We Posted Our Weekly Chart Of nifty With
Our 2013-14 Levels !

Chk Abv Link --Yes No Words Everything Live !

From rakesh zunzunwala to all big indian players,,,from hedge funds to small fii,,,,from private small fund managrs to big hni traders and almost 99% successfull traders are swing and positional traders...and not the intraday players playing on other's tips...This is the real fact...

Technically Urs RASHI !!

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Apr 15, 2014

Copper-Zinc-Aluminum-Nickel All Fired !

 Now Chk Abv link We Sold Zinc@ 121 And Below 119 For Target 115 Yes it was Expiry So we Booked Shorts@ 118

And Copper Said to be long on Dips Arnd 397 And Target Was 418--426
Made high 411 Both Sides Made Money !!

Nickel long taken Abv 1005 for Target 1086--1113 today Made high 1086

Zinc Abv 119 Was POsitional Target 123---126

Made high 124.20 

Long or Shorts We R Making money both Sides !!

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Last week we Said 271 buy NG for Target 282 yes it was Weekly Call --

Get Ready for New Moves With Our Technical Charts !

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