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Apr 15, 2014

Copper-Zinc-Aluminum-Nickel All Fired !

 Now Chk Abv link We Sold Zinc@ 121 And Below 119 For Target 115 Yes it was Expiry So we Booked Shorts@ 118

And Copper Said to be long on Dips Arnd 397 And Target Was 418--426
Made high 411 Both Sides Made Money !!

Nickel long taken Abv 1005 for Target 1086--1113 today Made high 1086

Zinc Abv 119 Was POsitional Target 123---126

Made high 124.20 

Long or Shorts We R Making money both Sides !!

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Last week we Said 271 buy NG for Target 282 yes it was Weekly Call --

Get Ready for New Moves With Our Technical Charts !

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Apr 4, 2014

Natural Gas Blast in Just 24hrs


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Apr 2, 2014

Natural Gas U-Turn ?

274 to 255

Yes It Was Live Profit !

No Words Alwz Live Chart And live Call For Premium Members !

 Chk Abv Link Every Rise We Said for Sell Now its Turn For
U-turn ??
Chk Below Chart Something Big Cooking !

As Per Our Unique Modal Of Research & Technical Anlysis .
We Saw Something Big Can Happen In NG in coming
Now Cmp 255

Rashi Commodity (4/2/2014 1:33:54 PM): Buy NG Now@ 255 
Add more@ 251 SL 245 CL Look for 315---330

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Mar 28, 2014

Gold Mcx Update !

 MCX  GOLD Yearly Levels 

      Magical Level 29300   

Levels For Bulls !

 Above.................29300 Mark,  Bulls Only Will Rock, and Above, that Level,  GOLD , may try to hit 33770  and than, 39450  Only if monthly close comes abv 29300.........
                     Real Fireworks Abv 39450 Will Take upto 43900 !   

                 Levels For Bears !

 Magical Level 29300     

Below 29300 Mark WIll Favour Bears and Below this Level Will Slide Upto
23600  and Then 19180
                            Real Pain Can Be Seen  Below 19180 till 13500 !

Note Abv Magical Levels Needs Monthly Closing For Trend Change !!

Ryt Now We R In Bear Trend in MCX !!!

As u can See abv Chart of Mcx GOLD Yes its Has Next BIG Move in It !

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