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Jan 28, 2015

Technical Trades – Hits and Flops

As we have stopped putting any stock specific recommendations starting a new set of posts on technical trade examples without naming stocks. Some which turned out right and some which did not.
 Even if you guess the stock do not take it as a recommendation. We have our risk management and a style which suits our trading/Investing  style which may not match yours.

As u Can CLearly See its A BIG Falling Wedge Pattern !!
This is a pre-emptive trade on the day of breakout. ( We generally have a tendency to take pre-emptive trades with good risk-rewards)

Now some may call this a P Net Pattern and some may call it a triangle. No difference on what you call it till you get the trade and risk right.

Nov 27, 2014

Copper---Gold Melted After Our Sell Call ! Did u Mint Money Or not ?

 We Know : New Year Almost One Month Away.....
But : Our Celebration  Already Starts  Because Till 31st Dec...We'll Give Our Best Calls to Our Premium Members !
Hai Na , Great Idea.............
Oh Yes : Oh God...!

Now u Can Cleary Live charts Live Words !!
                                  Real Cream For Our Premium Members!

Once Again : U Guys Lost Lots of Money on Friday's Trade.
Bhai : Small Amount of Subscription , Can Save Your Hard Earned Money...........

AB Kaise Samjhaye..........................

Nov 5, 2014

Crude Melted As It Was A Diwali Gift for Our Viewers---Tons Of Money Again

Live Chart Live calls--No Words

Sold At 5255 to 5280 Range Stoploss 5300 closing base

Yes It Was Bloodbath After Our Sell Call !

Jul 13, 2014

Crude Updated Minting Money From Both Sides..


We r No 1 in Commodity Market and Will Remain No #1 Alwz

Chk Abv Link On Jun 12th We were Bullish in Crude Gave Blasting Result !!

Still Expected More Blast but Our Revised Stoploss hit..Not Worry First Made BIG Money With Bulls !

Now Chk Our Bear Targets !!

Again We R Seller From 6240 to 6091

Everything is Live no Words !

We Never Say be on Bull Side Or Bear Side As u We Alwz Say be on Winning Side And Thats Rashi COmmodity !

Due to Some Technical Problem We Have Changed Or Yahoo ID

Any Queries Can Mail Us to