Feb 4, 2011

Free Profits

Yesterday This Calls Given Free on My Yahoo Id To   All--              Rashicommodity@yahoo.com

Rashi Commodity (2/3/2011 12:30:26 PM): Buy NG@ 203 SL 201 TGT 206
 U Know Its Kissed 206.60
Rashi Commodity (2/3/2011 2:23:36 PM): Intrady Buy Gold April Now@ 19975-78 SL 19920 TGT 20045--20100
    Yes It Was Toofan In Gold 
Rashi Commodity (2/3/2011 2:29:05 PM): Small Risk Sell Lead Now@ 119 SL 119.40 ABV TGT 117
        Jackpot  Low Risk High Return
Earn by Buying or Selling, Going Long or Short.
Mint money with our Trend-Levels-Timing Technicals
                                       More Details ,Intrday levels……….to our Subscribers.

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